“A simple child, That lightly draws its breath, And feels its life in every limb, What should it know of death?”
— William Wordsworth


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Baby's Heart Customer Service FAQ Center

Welcome to the Baby's Heart Customer Service FAQ Center, where you will find quick answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. Please browse through the following questions before contacting Customer Service.

1. How does the doppler work?
The Doppler listens to reflections of small, high frequency sound waves that are reflected off of the fetal heart. Since high-frequency sound waves do not travel readily through air, a liquid such as water, oil, or special gel (ultrasound lotion) is applied to the mother’s belly in order for the Doppler’s probe to detect this sound waves. These signals are picked up by the Doppler and processed and amplified so that they are audible in the instrument’s speaker or earphone and you are able to hear your baby’s heartbeat.
2. Is the Baby's Heart Fetal Doppler safe to use?
Constant testing is done by U.S. governmental agencies and no adverse risks to the baby or mother have been detected. The FDA regulates Fetal Dopplers. No harmful effects on the fetus have ever been reported. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) and the Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) have approved the Doppler for in-home use. Still, as with anything in life, we recommend moderation.
The FDA does require that you contact your doctor and gain consent prior to using a fetal doppler.
3. What if I can't find the heartbeat?
The baby may be positioned in a way that prevents the Doppler from detecting the heartbeat so you should wait and try again at a leter time. Refer to our tips on using the Baby’s Heart Fetal Doppler for specific instructions or feel free to give us a call during our regular business hours.
4. How do I distinguish my heartbeat from the baby’s?
Your baby’s heartbeat is much faster than your own. It may sound like the hoof beats of a galloping horse. You can distinguish your heartbeat from your baby’s based on the frequency of beats, yours being the slower one. When using your Baby’s Heart Doppler, you may also hear a “swishing” sound; this is the sound of your blood flow.
5. How many heartbeats per minute will I hear?
The baby’s heartbeat is usually between 120 and 160 beats per minute.
6. Do I need special lotion or ultrasound gel?
You will receive one 2 oz. tube of ultrasound gel with your Baby’s Heart Doppler. If you run out of gel, you may order more from us: see our products page. You may also try body lotion, mineral oil, or vitamin E oil as they have been found to work just as well for other customers. Please call if you have any questions.
7. What if the LCD display on the Baby’s Heart Digital Fetal Doppler is flashing?
The battery needs to be replaced with a 9 volt alkaline battery.
8. How am I billed for my Baby's Heart Doppler?
Baby’s Heart will charge your credit card for the initial rental fee the day your doppler is shipped to you and on the same day every month thereafter until the unit is returned or purchased.
9. What if I decide to purchase the Baby’s Heart Doppler?
You must notify us ahead of time that you intend to purchase your doppler so we can apply your monthly rental toward the purchase of the Doppler. We can only apply your rent to the purchase price of the doppler once you notify us to do so. See the cost of each doppler on our products page.
10. Is there a minimum amount of time required on the rental?
Minimum is 4 months but you can rent our Baby’s Heart Dopplers for as long as you like.

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