“A simple child, That lightly draws its breath, And feels its life in every limb, What should it know of death?”
— William Wordsworth


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Doppler Tips from Baby’s Heart (Using our Fetal Dopplers)

Upon receiving your Baby’s Heart Doppler, we recommend that you take your Doppler with you to your next prenatal Exam. Your Doctor or midwife can help you locate your baby’s heartbeat and provide you with her or his helpful tips! You will also be able to see where on your tummy the Doctor locates your baby’s heartbeat so you can try the same location when you listen at home.

Early in pregnancy, a full bladder may make finding your baby’s heartbeat easier. Use plenty of Doppler Gel and start in line with your belly button right above the pubic bone. As your go through your pregnancy week by week and listen for your baby's heartbeat you will find that it will progress higher up your abdomen. Make sure that you move the Doppler probe SLOWLY - it is quite easy to scan over the baby’s heartbeat.

You may Tilt the probe downward toward your pubic bone but keep the probe face in contact with your skin. This will allow you to pick up the most sound.

Remember to use plenty of Doppler lotion. Doppler Gel provides for the best listening but if you run out of gel, you can use any type of skin lotion. (You may purchase Additional Doppler Gel from Baby’s Heart).

You may hear the baby’s heartbeat in two places when using your Doppler. This is nothing to be alarmed about. Doctors commonly listen for this difference in heartbeats to determine if there are twins.

If you do hear two heartbeats, it can be difficult to distinguish between them (even doctors have a hard time identifying them). You will know soon enough from your OB exam if your carrying twins.

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